In this world you will have trouble

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the world”. John 16:33

If you are returning here after followed my old blog – welcome back! It’s lovely to have you here. If you are new to this space, welcome. For those who have read here before, it really has been quite a while, indeed well over a year, since I’ve put pencil to paper here.

In fact, I’ve been pondering for months (yes it takes me a while to think things though) how to begin this new chapter. The best way, I have decided, is to try to tell the story of the past 18 months or so. To turn back the clock to my return to the workforce and all that ensued.

For reasons of confidentiality I won’t disclose the exact nature of my role in the workplace. Suffice to say, for the past 18 months I have worked part-time in a role supporting the mental health needs and overall well-being of children.

I am a great believer in the importance and value of stories; telling our own and hearing others. And the stories I have heard over the past 18 months have changed me, they have moved and disturbed me. Like remnants of a shipwreck nudged gently shoreward by the tide, these stories have come to me in tiny pieces; a tale of abuse here, evidence of trauma there. Slowly, unexpectedly, in a completely disorderly fashion; fragments of the stories have arrived to my ears, stirring compassion in my heart, each fragment yet offering only a hint, only a tiny clue of the devastation that wrought them. Indeed, piecing all the tiny pieces of information together in order to try and grasp the full picture for any one particular child is sometimes a little too much to bear…

Week by week, one by one, these sad stories have quietly nestled themselves into the crevices of my heart, taking up a permenament residence, colouring everything with shades of a darker hue entirly new to my innocent eyes.

There is indeed trouble in this world. Nothing changes with the passing of time. Fragments of terrible disasters relentlessly glide to shore, awaiting discovery, longing to be reunited and made whole, pieced together, understood, taken care of, and told.

There is indeed trouble in this world. And yet there is One, who sees all, knows all, judges all. One who, for Love, gave his all, and in completeness overcame everthing, for everyone, for all eternity; One who can gather each and every fragment of brokenness and pain, heal it and make it new.

Thanks be to God for the One who overcame all the trouble of the world to bring us peace.

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