A fog

He stands at the right hand of the needy… Psalm 109:31

This is a little hard for me to share with you all but I thought I’d give it a shot because perhaps you can relate; life invariably holds rough patches for us all.

Indeed, I had a rough time during the winter months of last year. Things got foggy in my head. Really quite foggy.

One thing after another pulled the rug from under my feet – and life suddenly became more than a little overwhelming.

In retrospect, I was, I suppose, struggling to adapt to a series of unwelcome changes in my life. Yet whatever the exact cause, the fact was, as autumn turned to winter I found myself slowly but steadily engulfed by a mental and emotional fog –

A strange, dismal, dreary cloud descended upon me and refused to lift. Thick, heavy and persistent it resisted the warmth of sunshine and love, haughtily scorning goodness as a cruel illusion.

A miserable feeling haunted me relentlessly, even while I went about my day – going to work, making dinner, catching up with family or friends. For many a long month a foggy despair was my daily unwanted companion, and I knew not how to shake it off.

It was a lonely time rooted in griefs that were difficult to share. And yet, ‘He stands at the right hand of the needy..’ – there was indeed, through it all, a great comfort in that.

Sure enough, eventually Spring came and with it the fog gradually and gratefully dissipated.

On this side of it all, I have decided I had better take steps to be well prepared should, come next autumn, my dreary companion decide to visit me again.

But I will never forget that lonesome forlorn time nor the comforting knowledge of the steadfast care of an eternal friend.

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