Our third blessing

8th February 2019

I have been longing for a few quiet moments and the emotional and mental wherewithal to journal here, for there are many ever shifting thoughts and feelings in my heart these days.

Above all, it is pure joy and blissful contentment that has charge of my heart right now as our third little one rests snuggled on my chest – a delightfully warm, heavy bundle whose soft, round, downy head lays nestled against my cheek.

I am overwhelmed by the privilege it is to hold our peaceful and happy sleeping newborn. My heart is full of thankfulness.

That being said, the past five weeks have been exhausting with a second bout of mastitis for me and colds all round. And I’m all at sea with respect to parenting the big kids in this season.

Yet, my heart trusts these darling children into His perfect care; into His hands which are far more loving than mine.

Yes, this tired heart rests at the Saviours feet, trusting that He will sustain, that He will give me everything I need.

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