Staying at home: week 2

Wildflowers in our local bush track.

Hello! How are you all going out there? I trust that you are managing day to day to adjust to your variation of “the new normal”.

For us, overall, I’d say this week was a slight improvement on last week. Not a huge achievement as last week was pretty chaotic! For most of the week It seemed as though at least one member of the household was crying, tantrum-ing or silently cursing. Thankfully, there were definitely more moments of calm this week.

I thought I’d go with a summary of things that worked for us this week and things that didn’t.

Things that worked:

Trying to share the home school load a bit with hubby (it’s totally too much for me to handle on my own, especially as it involve so much technology – grrr…)

Scheduling in lots of fun (like games, sharing silly memories, telling jokes, watching funny You Tube stuff, tackles, April Fools day pranks)

April fools day pranks (we never usually do this! So nice to lighten the mood and get the kids involved in a few simple pranks for Dad this year)

A nine year old who can bake on her own!

A seven year old who loves computer based learning

Making sure that everyone gets lots and lots of hugs

Short walks every day

Sticking to a basic morning routine

Flexible, free time afternoons

A new variation on the old “sticker chart”

Free audible kids books

Sharing Disney plus with a neighbour!

Ordering some new wool for a new project (the best)

Planting seeds (just feels good)

Praying everyday

Things that didn’t work:

A nine year old who pretty much loathes doing school work at home (especially maths – arggghh, we are pulling teeth with trying to learn times tables)

Everyone going to bed too late…

Having expectations for school work beyond a bit of Maths and English each day (seriously impossible right now)

Our desktop computer being in our study which is next to the kids room separated only by a curtain…makes school work tricky when the littlest still has two sleeps a day

Being grumpy with everyone (that clearly doesn’t help things)

So, thats interesting – now that I’ve written it down, it’s clear that there are more things working well than not. Nice to realise that.

Hang in there everyone and take care! and I hope you enjoy the “weekend” 🙂

A spot of tennis on the campus court/carpark
A local bush walk

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