Staying at home: week 4

This week has been “school holidays” at home. Not much has happened round here and the week is, I think, best captured by three words.

Exhausted – We have all been utterly exhausted. Somehow, simply staying at home together is exhausting. Go figure, but its true. I’ve not been this tired for a long while. Many early nights and many naps have been had this week.

Settled – I think we are all over the initial shock and confusion and are feeling a bit more settled in our new normal.

Relaxed – With no school work to attend to we have all been able to relax a little. We’ve played tennis with the kids everyday (our college campus has an old tennis court which is usually used as a car park but with hardly any students here at the moment it can be used as a court again), gone for walks, watched movies, read books, knitted, played board games. And yes, somehow it has been both a relaxing and exhausting week. Go figure.

Hope you are fairing as well as can be in whatever situation you are in right now.

Please feel free to comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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