Leaving home

Cloud watching in our street

With the Coronavirus situation calming in Australia right now I’m going to start writing the posts I was planning to write next…

First up is a series of reflections on our recent move from Forbes NSW back to Sydney for my husband to study at bible college.

This was a tough decision to make and I’m still getting my head around it…

Leaving home is hard.

11 July 2018

On the eve of our first visit to bible college when we will tell the children what are plans are.

I am nervous and feeling the weight of responsibility.

What if they really don’t want to move? Part of me doesn’t want to. How will they feel?

I’m incredibly emotional.

Leaving is a sadness; a tender and nostalgic sadness for five very hard but wonderful years. There is such a genuine grief for me about leaving. I’m guessing the children will feel the same way too.

But you, O LORD, are our Rock, our Refuge, in you alone we trust.

Therefore, we follow you. With fear, trepidation (and some doubt!)

This is hard, much harder than I thought it would be. My trust is stretching far beyond what is comfortable….

…if you pay attention to my commands,

your peace will be like a river,

your wellbeing like waves of the sea”

Isaiah 48:17

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