A memoir of a time in a town: Returning

October 2019

We are returning for a visit so that we can see dear friends and so that we can breathe.

And breathe I have.

Deeply…of peace…of stillness…of quiet…of cool evening air…of the clam that can only be found out here, in a place like this.

A place where nature rules and dictates the rhythms of your day: hang washing out early, before the heat of the day, hibernate from midday onwards until the reliable and welcome breeze of dusk descends.

These natural rhythms immovably embedded into ones day, an implicit reminder that, no, you are not in control – something else is.

And that is remarkably freeing: To let go, to fall into line, to have the weight of decision making taken off of ones shoulders…there is less choice but less burden. And more space in which to roam.

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