Memoir of a time in a town: Doubts

Cloud watching in our street

July 2018

On the eve of our first visit to bible college when we will tell the children what are plans are.

I am nervous and feeling the weight of responsibility.

What if they really don’t want to move? Part of me doesn’t want to. How will they feel?

I’m incredibly emotional.

Leaving is a sadness; a tender and nostalgic sadness for five very hard but wonderful years. There is such a genuine grief for me about leaving. I’m guessing the children will feel the same way too.

But you, O LORD, are our Rock, our Refuge, in you alone we trust.

Therefore, we follow you. With fear, trepidation, full of doubt.

This is hard, much harder than I thought it would be. My trust is stretching far beyond what is comfortable….

…if you pay attention to my commands,

your peace will be like a river,

your wellbeing like waves of the sea”

Isaiah 48:17

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