Home, heart: Then there were four

Darling first born boy,

Here is your story and ours too, of the Sunny spring day you joined our little family.

It was early in the morning (about 5 am I think) of a lovely spring day when I first became aware of some gentle contractions. A few short hours later labour seemed to be establishing so we decided it was time to call your Nonna to come look after your big sister.

While we waited I enjoyed a quick shower. It had to be quick because your sister, not yet two years old, seemed to detect that something was up and wouldn’t be parted from me for too long.

In fact, after I got out of the shower and was dressed ready to go, I needed to pause and sit on the edge of the bath to breathe through a contraction and your big sister was right there with me placing her hand on my belly wanting to ‘talk to the baby’.

So full of energy and enthusiasm was your sister, that I decided we should all go to the park while we waited for Nonna to arrive! I thought the distraction and a short walk might do me good however after parking the car and walking down the hill to the play equipment I only lasted a few minutes before it became clear we should probably head to the hospital!

Strangely, the contractions slowed right down on the way to hospital and we actually arrived and made our way to the delivery suite in a remarkably civilised fashion. Ushered into the exact same room in which your sister was born we settled in quickly.

Your Daddy ran me a bath straightaway which was superbly relaxing and labour progressed well. Soon enough I began to feel quite uncomfortable and wanted to hop out. Then, suddenly, as I walked though the bathroom doorway, I had some huge contractions. “Get the midwife!” I urged your Dad. Leaning on the inner door frame for much needed support and feeling weak at the knees, with the intensity of the next contraction I grasped your Dad’s forearm, squeezed it like crazy and swore – “ I am never doing this again! Never, ever again!”

Finally, the midwife arrived and examined me for the first time. We were excited and relieved to find out that I was fully dilated and you were about to arrive.

Lying on my back on the bed after the examination, I was too tired to move, and even though I desperately wanted to find a more comfortable position, it seemed a little too late. Our obstetrician again arrived just in time (traffic this time!) and, rather embarrassingly, my waters finally broke suddenly and dramatically during a contraction- like a water balloon bursting!

With some gas and air to help me along, it seemed like only a few contractions later you suddenly just arrived – big and beautiful and very loud!!

Bellowing gustily, you soon settled in for a cuddle and your first feed after which you calmed down beautifully. And indeed you stayed wonderfully calm thereafter. Over night you slept soundly. If you stirred, I soon discovered that simple whispers of reassurance were all you needed in order for you to drift back to sleep. You seemed to only need to know that you weren’t alone.

What a delight it was to take you home the next day with a very excited big sister in tow! As your parents, nerves were gladly non-existent this time – we only felt joy and happy expectation for life with you in the world.

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