Home is where the heart is: the two become one

* This is the first post of a new four-part series.
Essentially, a reader suggested years ago that I might write my birth stories. I thought that was a cool, if not slightly intimidating idea, but I wasn’t sure quite how to go about it. In the end, I’ve settled on writing each story as a letter to each child, which, I hope (!) they might enjoy reading when they are older.

However, it then then it occurred to me that it seemed strange to write birth stories without writing something about the main event that preceded these birth stories and made them possible in the first place. And so I’ve added a short reflection on the day of our marriage. All in all, in writing these posts, I wanted to honour the events of my life that have in essence created a new family.

** Just a reminder – these are birth stories, so consider yourself fairly warned!!

To my dear husband,

Isn’t it amazing to remember that glorious day, many years ago now, when we stood opposite each other, you and I, like two babes in the woods?

Glancing into each other’s eyes – excitedly, nervously, tentatively – speaking age-old solemn vows? Solemn promises before a holy God to carry us for a lifetime.

And, indeed, while vowing to love and serve one another until death do us part, mystery of mysteries occurred: Unbeknownst to us, the wide-eyed young lovers wrapped up in those early blooms of love, an enduring spell of sorts was cast.

True to the Eternal Word, a curious transformation was begun: We were being made into one. Grace, and love, and faithfulness, and forgiveness each resolutely and kindly began to forge us – slowly, painfully, beautifully and nicely – into…one.

Two distinct people yet, in some unfathomable way, also, lovingly one.

What a distinct honour, privilege and responsibility it is for my life to be melded so intimately into yours, dear husband.

”That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one” Genesis 2:24

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