Hello there, I’m Bron! A warm welcome to my slightly re-revamped blog space. I enjoy blogging but seem to be having a bit of trouble finding my groove. Third time lucky perhaps!

A little background info: I live with my handsome hubby and two crazy kids, Miss 7 and Master 5 in the Central West of NSW. We did the classic “tree change” from Sydney to the bush a few years ago and although it has its challenges it has been a wonderful change for us. This wide red, yellow dusty earth and massive expanse of bright blue sky has captivated our hearts and minds from the moment we arrived!

In addition to house wife and mother duties I work part time with children and their families in the field of mental health and emotional well being (alright, I’m a psychologist who works with children 😉 ). I love growing veggies and dabbling in the art of knitting and sewing.

In the elusive future, I’m hoping I’ll have a little more time to learn some more about drawing, even try painting, perhaps move beyond “beginner” status with the guitar and piano?!

But alas, these things will probably have to wait until next my next decade of life…there’s only so much one can dabble in at a time!

I’m intrigued by the newest wave, and slightly fashionable, notions of slow or simple living. The basic principles behind this “movement” sit very well with me indeed. I am a Christian and have been for as long as I can remember. Although I’ve doubted, questioned and explored many other systems of belief (and “non-belief”), a Christian I have gratefully remained. 

That just about wraps the intro’s up.

I think the blog this time will possibly reflect a more “personal documentary style” and its just going to be about life: the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. We’ll see how it goes anyway!

Welcome again and happy reading!

P.S. Your respectful comments and discussion are very welcome and should  you ever wish to make a private comment please feel free to contact me via bronsisleofserenity@gmail.com. I do warn you however, that I am notoriously tardy when it comes to checking emails so please don’t be surprised if it takes me a while to reply. That said, I will be making a special effort to be more prompt in my replies, I promise!


Please feel free to comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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