Staying at home: week 3

School term is done! The relief is real.

The week was a bit of a blur – ups and downs as usual, very busy, still exhausting. But tiny buds of green hope emerge as we all appear to be beginning to recover from the shock of all the changes…

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2nd April 2020

Lying down on my bed while the littlest has a nap and the older two watch some afternoon tv, I listen to the reassuring rain falling gently on our roof.

My senses are all heightened these days and the tapping of those raindrops soothes with its wonderfully familiarity.

There is something about the way those raindrops fill up the soundscape as I pause to listen, allowing my attention to be fully absorbed by it. Something about it just eases my mind a little. The constant worried chatter in my head is drowned out as I simply listen to the rain, and the birds and that lone plane.

It’s so nice to pause and listen and contemplate something else other than this virus and its never ending far reaching effects.

Staying at home: week 2

Wildflowers in our local bush track.

Hello! How are you all going out there? I trust that you are managing day to day to adjust to your variation of “the new normal”.

For us, overall, I’d say this week was a slight improvement on last week. Not a huge achievement as last week was pretty chaotic! For most of the week It seemed as though at least one member of the household was crying, tantrum-ing or silently cursing. Thankfully, there were definitely more moments of calm this week.

I thought I’d go with a summary of things that worked for us this week and things that didn’t.

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