Out and about: August 2022

Dusk descends; sea mist rises.

Apricot blushing sky.

Delicate breeze; wave upon wave.

An ocean lullaby.

Two little cousins (aged 2 years old and 3 years old respectively) play together on the grass beside the banksia tree. Banksia cones become sausages – ‘Sizzle, sizzle’, ‘Stir, stir’- and flat leaves are salad – ‘Chop-chop. Chop-chop”.

Melbourne airport 1:30pm

I had the most wonderful drive the Canberra airport this morning.

I started off at 5am, in the pitch black. Bit dangerous really, with all the pot holes about. Nearing 6:30am, a deep pink began to stain the eastern horizon, imperceptibly changing until quiet suddenly, about a half hour later, fresh and bold golden sunlight burst forth and bathed the hillsides all around. Everywhere the tall bamboo and wallaby grasses were coated in frost, wattles with their ashy black trunks and pale yellow blossoms were dusted with white and, in great numbers, rainbow lorikeets and rosellas gathered by the roadside for a bustling sunrise breakfast. But, the most stunning delight of all was the emergence of lush lakes of mist in every low-lying valley. I’ve never seen anything like it before – pristine, opaque, mist lakes!

In the plane we flew over the Snowys – a tiny white scribble on the vast brown below.

A loud and brash (and bizarre) phone conversation overheard on the airport Bus from Melbourne airport to Geelong (the Gull Bus):

“I called her this morning….yes, that’s right…glad I did….just heard she passed away – about 15 minutes ago….Well, I don’t know, as long as I’ve known her she’s always been dying of something! …It was some kind of infection…they tried to flush her out with antibiotics but she was too far gone….no, she wasn’t that old…only 52…good thing I called this morning…”

Ads for B & B’s and farm stay in glossy magazines like Country Style look ever so inviting. Such beautifully prepared rooms with tag lines like “Woodland Studio and Farm is the ideal base for a weekend of exploration, relaxation and indulgence”. Such invitation, such preparation makes me think of Jesus’ words: “I am going to prepare a place for you” John 14:2

The western sky is a soft grey and baby pink clouds stretch across the horizon in neatly stacked rows.

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