Staying at home: week 3

School term is done! The relief is real.

The week was a bit of a blur – ups and downs as usual, very busy, still exhausting. But tiny buds of green hope emerge as we all appear to be beginning to recover from the shock of all the changes…

Miss 9 began to show some motivation for her school work and completed some of the set tasks without too much complaint, albeit still with an exorbitant amount of moral support.

Master 7 began seemed much more like himself. He had been looking very tired, pale, with dark circles under his eyes even though he has been sleeping well but is now laughing and joking again.

Little man continued to enjoy having all his family home together all day, pottering happily around for most of the day. Life is pretty simple when you’re one!

I took a few short afternoon strolls with a neighbour which was refreshing. I also picked up my knitting again some evenings- quite satisfying and very relaxing.

Hubby got a few hours of study done in the college library and finished oiling our poor outdoor furniture which was long overdue for some TLC. It looks lovely now.

All in all I am thankful for an emerging sense of normalcy, even if it is tinged with sadness and worry…

May this Easter weekend bring you hope and comfort in these particularly strange times x

Sensory play with kitchen things
Cleaning outdoor furniture with Dad

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